Is the team okay? Initiate conversation using an effective wellness dashboard

In this Power Bi for Sport Science tutorial we add a summary table so we can identify the athletes we should examine further.

Can I help? Power your wellness dashboard with z-scores

In this Power Bi for Sport Science tutorial we create z-scores for our wellness metrics to itdentify changes.

How to Create an Anonymous Report

Ever wondered how to create an anonymised report? In this video I show one example of how to do just that.

Wellness Dashboard - Rolling Avg and SD

In this tutorial, we start to create a wellness dashboard to view athlete wellness scores over time.

Session Report - Finished Report

In this tutorial, I finalise the session report by completing the last few elements.

Session Report - Planned vs Actual

In this tutorial, I continue the session report by comparing the training session to what was planned.

Session Report - Comparing to Game Norms

In this tutorial I start a session report by calculating percentage of game norm values.

Sport Science - Blogs

A collection of tutorials and information about Sport Science using Power Bi and Tableau.

Tutorial - Acute Chronic Workload Monitoring

In this tutorial I create a visual to show the Acute Chronic Workload Ratio in Power Bi.