R For Sport - Calculating Rolling Averages in R

Hi everyone, in this weeks R For Sport post we are looking at how to calculate rolling averages using different packages that have been developed specifically for R.

An Introduction to R - Working with CSV Data

Hey everyone, Welcome back to this weeks R for sport post. This week, we will start working with CSV files in R. I will show you how to read the data into an R environment, manipulate the data and export the data to a new file.

An Introduction to R - Using StatsBombR

Hi Everyone, This week we are stepping back in time a bit, returning to the origins of my blog and showcasing some R. We will be walking through an Introduction to R, focussing on StatsBombR.

Tutorial - Team Shot Dashboard

Hi guys, In this weeks tutorial, we are expanding on the shot plot we created in R by adding some extra information to easily understand the plot and some context around it.

Importing StatsBomb Data in to R

A tutorial on importing StatsBomb data in to R using the StatsBombR package

Comparing Players in the FA WSL

This post is aimed at walking through one method of comparing players upon specific metrics within a league setting. For this example I will use a couple of different metrics from the free StatsBomb FA WSL dataset.

A look at attacking and defensive effectiveness

The use of scatter plots can provide a lot of information in a quick snapshot. In this blog post I provide an overview of some uses the scatter plot can have in comparing relational data to see where a team fits compared to their opposition.

Tutorial - Plotting shots using StatsBomb freeze frame data

Following on from last weeks post on plotting passes, I thought it might be fun to plot the shots and locations of players using the shot freeze frame in StatsBomb data.

Tutorial - Plotting Passes on a pitch

For this tutorial I am going to show you how to plot all the passes from a match on a pitch. We are going to go through this in a few steps and add some detail as we go.

The missing piece - Throw-ins

In football, set-piece scenarios are often considered as threatening and given considerable time towards mastering in the hope of positive outcomes. However, one piece teams often under value are throw-ins, particularly when they occur in the final third of the pitch.